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With the increased popularity of crypto trading, the number of automated trading bots constantly grows. However, while most automated platforms deserve to be entrusted with your funds and precious time, others turn out to be utterly fraudulent.

The News Spy has emerged on the market and attracted many due to a variety of reasons. It’s simple, user-oriented, and affordable. However, the question that still bothers many – ‘Can I trust The News Spy?’ Read on, and you’ll find the answers to all your questions presented in detail!

The News Spy

General background and basic overview of The News Spy trading system

The News Spy is a legitimated trading bot featuring a unique and precise trading algorithm. The main idea behind such an algorithm lies in that it scans the market, analyses the odds, forms the successful strategy leading to a profitable trade. In their majority, such algorithms are faster than most people and undoubtedly unemotional, so the win rate is high enough to give it a chance.

While some trading bots are purely automated, The News Spy allows it to manually adapt the trading parameters should a trader be willing to experiment with a personal strategy. However, even when some manual alterations are made, the platform will put them to action automatically, so that there is no need to monitor the process personally.

Pros and cons of The News Spy trading software

Before going further with the review, the main advantages, together with possible downsides, are listed out not to waste your time.


  • Simple and user-friendly registration process
  • All charges, fees, and costs are transparently enlisted
  • Multiple payment options are supported


  • The platform is unavailable in many countries
  • There is no mobile application to download

Is The News Spy a scam?

To put it simply – The News Spy is not a fake. It’s licensed and certified. However, no matter the number of instant profits, the vendor claims are available upon every trade, you should treat it with caution. The truth is that unseasoned traders are lured into the trade with promised wins, but they forget about the volatility of the market. The News Spy states clearly on the landing page that almost 2/3 of trades end up in losses, but most investors miss the information and get utterly disappointed when a trade ends up in loss. At the same time, if you learn how to trade patiently and cautiously, the trading vendor may serve you well on your road to financial stability.

How can you join The News Spy?

Since it’s clear now that The News Spy is one of those reputable vendors that anyone can start trading with, it’s vital to know how and where to start.

Account registration

The News Spy registration is the primary step when deciding to create an account with the vendor. The registration is straightforward and basic in its core. All you should do is visit The News Spy official website and fill out the registration form. You won’t miss the form since it’s right there on the platform’s landing page. Every user is asked to provide such personal info as their names, last names, phone numbers, and emails. The system browses the data to determine whether a potential investor is a fraud or not, so they can be granted a legal account. When the provided information is verified and approved, the confirmation will be sent to your email. Once you confirm the account, you’ll be able to carry on with the crypto trading.

Fund contribution

Upon your primary The News Spy login, you’ll be asked to make the primary contribution to carry on with the trading service. It’s not a service fee or anything of the kind. The minimum deposit of $250 is the user’s startup capital to be traded later. The variety of depositing means is vast and versatile. You can use Visa, Mastercard, or other cards to succeed with the deposit. The vendor also supports popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, or Webmoney. Lastly, if none of the mentioned options suit you, you can always make a bank transfer and fund the account.

Once the transfer is issued, it usually takes about a few minutes to be checked and the means deposited to the trading account. After that, every trader is left with two possible options – demo trade or live trade.

Demo trade test

Very often, users skip the demo trading mode and keep on with the live trade. The demo run is purely optional, but the better The News Spy test turns out to be, the more experienced you’ll come out of it. Such a mode aims to present the user with a general strategy behind every operation. The better you get it, the more you’ll profit later on.

Live trade

When you’re 100% sure about how to operate the system to profit from it, you can proceed with the live trade. One of the main mistakes that beginners make is rushing to launch the trade as soon as possible. However, before you switch the auto trade mode on, you should ensure that the Stop-loss limit is set. The fact is that the trading bot is programmed to provide each user with the most profit it can gain. Nevertheless, the crypto market is anything but stable, and at times losses happen. To prevent the bot from spending all the mean, the stop-loss feature is created.

Live trade

More seasoned users can adapt all the trading parameters to represent their personal strategies. However, inexperienced investors should better rely on the system with the effortless and fast control over it. Apart from the stop-loss feature, the user can choose the trading pairs to activate. The service is not limited to Bitcoin only, so trades can easily try their luck with Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum too.

Vital perks that The News Spy trading experience includes

The majority of trading vendors operate similarly. However, some of them have more to offer than others.

Utter accessibility

The minute you visit The News Spy platform, you’ll be amazed at how simple and well-thought it is. None of the available operations or functions are ill-presented or too complicated for an average trader or a trader with no experience to grasp. Besides, the platform is presented in a great variety of languages to make it even closer for traders from all over the globe. Whether it’s Polish, Italian, Norwegian, or English – the interface can be changed to the language of choice in seconds.

Incredible success rate

The News Spy software is modern and thoroughly designed to be faster and more precise than that of competitors’. The Time Leap feature ensures that the trading signals the system uses are uninterrupted and detailed. What is more, the 0.01-second boost takes the service ahead and results in a 99.4% success rate.

Precise verification

Each user is checked and validated by the system to rule out any fraudulent activity regarding identity data. However, another type of verification is put to use when a user wants to deposit or withdraw funds. The special confirmation is sent to the provided email or phone number to ensure that the real account holder issues the payment.

Swift withdrawal

When an investor decides to withdraw the profits, there is no need to wait days for the operation to take place. The News Spy payout system is transparent and quick. Usually, the vendor issues the funds to the holder’s presented bank account within 24 hours. All it takes is to issue the request, and after the system validates it, you’ll get the funds with no additional fees deducted.

Informative support

The News Spy is a self-explanatory and intuitive platform. Besides, all the operations and processes are explained in detail, and even educational materials are provided. However, should there be any issue arising, you can always reach out to the service’s customer support available 24/7. All the support agents are well-trained and professional so that no matter the subject, you’ll be given a timely and matter-solving response almost immediately.

Frequently asked questions about The News Spy trading bot

Is there a mobile or desktop The News Spy app to download?

The News Spy is a web-based platform available for all smart devices and the most popular browser. There is no particular application to download, but that doesn’t affect the service’s operation. The only mandatory requirement is a stable Internet connection so that all the operations are carried in real-time with no delay.

Does The News Spy support long or short positions?

To cut a long story short – yes, it does. However, traders with no prior experience may not be fully aware of what the long or short positions stand for. Long positions in the crypto industry determine an investor’s prediction about the asset prices going up, and short positions are aimed at those going down, thus decreasing in cost.

Are there any hidden fees or costs to be aware of?

So far, all the costs that The News Spy features are well-based and transparent.


So far, there is no perfect or 100% reliable crypto trading vendor to entrust your future with. However, platforms like The News Spy make everything possible to bring a successful trade closer to all. It’s all in your power to invest the minimum and gain the most with a little professional AI assistance. Keep in mind – while you’re weighing the odds, others get financially stable by the hour. Maybe it’s your time to risk a little to become someone you’ve always wanted to!