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Trading of any kind involves risk, including trading cryptocurrency. As a result, trading in a volatile market such as the crypto market requires the perfect conditions to make traders safer. These conditions involve giving traders a chance to monitor the market more and the assurance of more profit than losses. All the offers of the Bitcoin Trader software can be summarised into those two conditions above .

The Bitcoin Trader trading system is designed to draw in new investors and keep the old ones interested. How does the software do this? In this piece, you’ll find out the answer and learn how to make the most of its offers as soon as you trust it. So, read on for a quick review of the Bitcoin Trader software!

Bitcoin Trader

Cryptocurrencies traded on Bitcoin Trader trading system

The Bitcoin Trader software supports other cryptocurrencies aside from the Bitcoin in its name. The others include:

  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • EOS

About Bitcoin Trader software

By solely relying on the Bitcoin Trader website, you’ll find no information on the developer and owner of the software. However, a little more research has revealed a man named Gary Roberts could be behind the trading system. This trading system didn’t gain popularity until 2016/2017 but was created about 2 years before.

Bitcoin Trader software

This software was designed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help anybody make profits. Since it’s mostly free, a simple Bitcoin Trader test of its amazing offers have drawn many investors in. Hence, it’s not surprising it got popular right after the crypto boom of 2015 when everyone was trying to tap into cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin Trader website claims to have a mobile app for all operating systems. Yet, the link redirects to the Android app available on Google Play. A look through other app stores has revealed there’s no Bitcoin Trader app for any device with an operating system that isn’t Android.

What Bitcoin Trader software offers users

The Bitcoin Trader software operates with an AI-driven algorithm which gives it some autonomy to carry out transactions on behalf of investors. This relieves investors of the burden of monitoring the crypto market. It also cancels out limitations peculiar to humans such as the interference of emotion and the need to rest. The crypto market is available 24/7, so transactions go on even while you need to take a break. The best way to keep up is an automated crypto trading bot like this one.

The profit is one of the greatest appeals of the Bitcoin Trader experience.The website promises it can make you a millionaire if you stick with the trading system long enough. The promise of 60% daily returns for no hidden fees except a 2% commission off of your earnings is enough to get anybody interested.

Special attributes of Bitcoin Trader software as a cryptocurrency platform

The Bitcoin Trader experience comes with so many offers made possible by the many special features of the software. These special features include:


Transactions carried out by the Bitcoin Trader trading system can be monitored in real-time by the investors. So, investors always know how much they’ve made and how the bot made such an amount.

State of the art technology

The Bitcoin Trader software is made up of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology which work together to maximize profit and minimize investor burden. The software is in charge of collecting, analyzing, and reacting to data. Such that investors who choose automated trading need to do nothing. The algorithm also applies High-Frequency Trading (HTF) strategies which give it speed most experienced human traders can’t achieve.

Site security

The Bitcoin Trader website involves various security measures such as BitGo, Norton Secured, Secure Trading, and McAfee. The verification process during sign up also helps keep fake or fraudulent investors out. This ensures real Bitcoin Trader investors are protected at all times.


Bitcoin Trader automatically connects you to the most efficient brokers as soon as you get an account. These Bitcoin Trader reputable brokers serve as mediums for your transactions, connecting you as a buyer to a seller and vice versa.


This is a very quick process that occurs right after registration. It’s the Bitcoin Trader test of your identity, ensuring only legitimate investors use the trading system.

Payment options

The Bitcoin Trader experience is enjoyable because of how easy it is to deposit or withdraw using any of the available payment methods on the website. It provides popular options so most traders aren’t left out, regardless of their preference.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • Site security
  • User-friendly interface
  • Support of multiple popular cryptocurrencies
  • Demo trading mode
  • State of the art brokers
  • Good customer support
  • Easy and quick withdrawals
  • Easy and quick registration
  • Multiple popular payment methods
  • Mobile app for Android

Negative sides of Bitcoin Trader trading system

  • No mobile app except for Android
  • No information about developers
  • Commission fees

How to join Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader registration takes no time. Once you’re given your account, you can choose to start trading immediately or take a few detours. The processes involved are:

Sign up

The Bitcoin Trader website recommends you check you’re in a country that allows CFD and fast-paced derivatives trading, otherwise, you might require a VPN. Once this is sorted, you can proceed to provide the necessary information in the given fields which are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number

Email and phone number fields are necessary for the next process, verification.


This process is completed using the contact information provided during sign up to reduce the risk of a Bitcoin Trader scam. Bitcoin Trader will email you a link taking you to your new account and will also use your provided information to link you to your assigned broker.


For a new investor, this costs a minimum of $250 and it’s put directly into your trading balance. You can deposit before or after you try out demo trading if you’re going to try it out at all.

Demo Trading

This is a feature that gives new investors an idea of the Bitcoin Trader experience. They get to see the software in action and try changing certain parameters to see what does what. This is without risking their deposits because demo trading doesn’t involve real money.

Active trading

This could be automated or manual, depending on the investor. Once the processes above are completed, you can now dive into the crypto market, carrying out transactions for profit. If the first active trading session is profitable, you don’t have to stop using the Bitcoin Trader software. Simply withdraw your earnings and leave an amount for subsequent reading in your balance.

For subsequent trading, you’d have to re-login. All you need for this is your email address and password which you should’ve gotten when you first signed up. Every new session has the potential to be profitable, so the more you log in, the more profit you stand to make.

FAQ’s regarding Bitcoin Trader software

Is Bitcoin Trader legitimate or a scam?

The Bitcoin Trader website warns potential investors about the dangers of trading which is something most scams never do. Also, there are numerous user reviews on various reputable sites. These pointers can prove Bitcoin Trader reputable to most people.

Is there a Bitcoin Trader app?

There’s a redirect link on the official website to an Android app on Google Play Store, and that’s the only real Bitcoin Trader app so far. Bitcoin Trader fake sites might say there’s no app or there are apps for other operating systems. A look at the app stores shows there’s only an android app.

Is Bitcoin Trader registration free?

Using the Bitcoin Trader software at all is completely free. Investors only have to pay a 2% commission off their earnings.

Can I withdraw cryptocurrency?

No, you can’t withdraw cryptocurrency. When you request a withdrawal, your earnings are converted to their equivalent in fiat money. Because traditional bank accounts can’t hold cryptocurrencyies. Bitcoin Trader payout doesn’t include withdrawing into other crypto wallets asides from the one it’s provided for you.

What payment methods are supported by Bitcoin Trader software?
Bitcoin Trader payout or deposit can be done via credit/debit cards like MasterCard and Visa or bank transfer. It also supports certain eWallets like Skrill but doesn’t support PayPal.

Where can I access Bitcoin Trader website?

Bitcoin Trader login is possible from any country in support of Contract For Difference (CFD) trading. Some of these countries include the USA, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.

How do I need to start trading?

After Bitcoin Trading registration, a minimum deposit of $250 is required for trading to begin. The investor can deposit more if they like.

Quick tips for potential Bitcoin Trader investors

Here are some things all Bitcoin Trader investors must consider, new or old:

  • Start small to minimize risk.
  • Only invest money you’re willing to lose.
  • Research the cryptocurrency you’ll be trading in. It’s best to choose one with low but increasing value.
  • Only login from trusted devices.
  • Be careful with your log in details.
  • Think about service charges from your preferred payment method. Also, consider the 2% commission on your earnings and decide if it’s not too much for you.
  • Withdraw right after a profitable trading session.
  • Check that you can trade with Bitcoin Trader software in your current country.


The Bitcoin Trader legitimate website is very informative as it’s easy to navigate, and this is another appeal to investors. The only thing that could keep you from using the software is your country of residence. If you’re in a country supporting the trading system, why not join Bitcoin Trader today? And trade your way to wealth.