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Many sites provide people with the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, but only a few do sincerely. Bitcoin Revolution offers users opportunities including the ability to trade cryptocurrencies themselves or trade using very efficient trading bots.

Such trading bots are with Artificial Intelligence (AI) using great levels of mathematical algorithms ensuring more than 90% accuracy in the trading process. Crypto traders need to only invest an amount of cash, set up necessary requirements, and leave the rest to the robots. This is called automated trading.

Bitcoin Revolution possesses a license to function as a provider of crypto trading services. Thus, users and potential traders can rest assured their invested cash is in secured hands and their investment returns are guaranteed.

Bitcoin Revolution Website

Cryptocurrencies available for trading on Bitcoin Revolution app

Amongst cryptocurrencies available for users of Bitcoin Revolution are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

About Bitcoin Revolution software owners

Bitcoin Revolution was established by a group of engineers, traders, and technical consultants who once worked with MIT. However, enough information wasn’t found to identify the names of these individuals.

Notwithstanding, they had a clear purpose. This entailed creating a platform with superior trading capabilities that analyzes. And takes steps on behalf of auto traders, to reduce the level at which the market’s volatility affects their investment.

The Bitcoin Revolution mobile app

Bitcoin Revolution has taken an additional step to improve user experience by providing a mobile application. It becomes relatively easy to access the Bitcoin Revolution software in terms of registration, logging in, and trading.

Bitcoin Revolution mobile app

This app provision is only available on the google play store for android users. In other words, individuals who make use of ios can’t access the mobile app. Nonetheless, ios users can make use of the software by visiting the organization’s website

Facts about Bitcoin Revolution trading system

Still deliberating on whether or not to employing Bitcoin Revolution as a medium to trade cryptocurrency? Take a look at the following pertinent realities about the software:

  • The software was originally founded in 2015 but made available to the public in 2016.
  • As of 2015, the trading platform was made accessible to the founders and other close associates. The reason for this is to test its efficacy.
  • Traders as of 2015 were able to generate a total sum of $560 million as profit.
  • The success rate of the software is approximately 98%
  • Also, Bitcoin Revolution is in association with reputable brokers who allow for up to 5000:1 leveraged trading.

Special attributes of Bitcoin Revolution crypto trading software

Bitcoin Revolution possesses special features that make the user experience seamless. They include the following:


By infusing trading robots with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Bitcoin Revolution can analyze the market trends in milliseconds. Also, trade activities are able to be completed swiftly with a success rate of over 90%.


Through Bitcoin Revolution app, crypto traders need not worry about unauthorized disclosure of personal information. This is made possible with SSL security, blocking access from uncertified users. However, traders also have to play their part by creating a strong password and not logging in from untrusted devices.


Bitcoin Revolution works in conjunction with brokers who’re certified with a legitimate license to provide brokerage services. These brokers are then assigned to traders on the basis of proximity.


There’s no evidence of hidden charges or fees whilst making use of the Bitcoin Revolution platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution payout system is controversy-free. Traders get their complete Returns Of Investment (ROI) without undue deductions.


The details containing the e-mail address and phone number of users in the process of registration are verified. This is to ensure their accuracy and verify ownership of the details.

Payment options

Traders can make a deposit into their Bitcoin Revolution accounts using credit/debit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, or Neteller.


Roughly 24 hours after concluding trade transaction, manually or automatically, users are able to withdraw their profit. A verification link is sent to their e-mail before the final withdrawal takes place.

Perks of using Bitcoin Revolution trading system

Still doubting the efficacy of the software? It might interest you to know the employment of Bitcoin Revolution to trade cryptocurrencies brings with it the following benefits:

  • Ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Easy web navigation
  • Professional and licensed brokers
  • Leveraged trading
  • No hidden charges
  • Multiple payment options
  • Demo mode for training
  • Transparent payout and withdrawal system
  • Plausible security system
  • A mobile app for android users
  • Constant customer support system

Downsides to Bitcoin Revolution trading system

Amidst all the amazing benefits the software has to offer, little flaws have been identified. They include the following:

  • No mobile app for IOS users
  • Not immune to crypto market volatility
  • No complete information on founders

How to join Bitcoin Revolution trading site

Joining Bitcoin Revolution as a trader, of course with the aim of trading cryptocurrency, is a series of easy procedures. Individuals won’t be required to provide unnecessary personal documents. The process of joining involves optional training too. Take a look at the following:

Requirements for joining Bitcoin Revolution

In preparation for joining Bitcoin Revolution, you need to have access to the following:

  • Browsing device.
  • Internet connection
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and the risks involved
  • A minimum sum of $250 as a starting deposit
  • Up to 20 minutes of your daily time. Manual traders will require more minutes

Bitcoin Revolution’s registration process

To begin registration, you’ve to pass through the following steps. The Bitcoin Revolution registration process is completely free.

Visit the official Bitcoin Revolution website. You can click the following link to gain access to the Bitcoin Revolution website. Or you can download the Bitcoin Revolution app from the play store, provided you’re an android user. You will then come across a signup feature and be required to enter the following.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address
  • Valid phone number

After completing the above, hit the “REGISTER NOW” button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll set up a password. A strong password should be a combination of alphabets, numerals, and special characters.

After completing this step, you should have your account ready. If all things have been done correctly.

Training mode

This category is optional. It offers a demo feature, comprising of a prototype of the real live trading mode. Bitcoin Revolution provides this feature as a benefit to cryptocurrency newbies. The training mode allows them to get accustomed to the way trading is carried out, in preparation for real-life trading.


At this stage, users are required to deposit $250 into their account before active trading can commence. A broker is then assigned to an individual. It’s important for traders to verify the efficiency of their broker. And report any shenanigans on their part to the Bitcoin Revolution via e-mail or customer service.

Active trading

If the above procedures have been thoroughly completed, it’s advisable to begin trading. It’s further advisable to trade for at least 8 hours every day. Auto traders just need to leave the app running in the background while going about their normal daily activities.

Subsequent logging in

To access your account after logging out, you’re required to re-visit the Bitcoin Revolution website. Or open their mobile app and click the login button after providing email and password.

FAQ’s regarding Bitcoin Revolution

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions pertaining to Bitcoin Revolution. Go through it.

Can I do leverage trading?

The answer is yes! Bitcoin Revolution trading website comprises of reputable brokers who are ready to share the risks of trading with users. Up to a ratio of 5000 to 1.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a fake platform?

Absolutely not. The trading platform is real. More so, the Bitcoin Revolution has been around since 2015 and they have a legitimate license to operate. Various success cases have also been recorded on the platform. Hence, Bitcoin Revolution isn’t a scam.

How accurate is the software?

Bitcoin Revolution test of efficiency came out at over 90%. This goes a long way to prove the ability to earn mind-blowing interests on investments. Especially while using the trading bots.

Are hidden fees involved?

No trading fees are imposed on users. However, profits made using the Bitcoin Revolution website are charged a commission of 2%. So, say you make a profit of $50,000, you need to pay just $1000 as commission. This is a fair charge.

Does Bitcoin Revolution have an app?

Yes. The app is available for download on the play store only. IOS users are left out.

Tips for new users on Bitcoin Revolution

  • Begin investment with a small amount of cash.
  • Invest only with money you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t log into your account from untrusted gadgets.
  • Don’t engage in leveraged trading as a beginner. It’s not advisable.
  • Cash out profits immediately after completing a trading session
  • Leave manual trading for experienced users only.


Based on the above analysis of Bitcoin Revolution, its attributes, facts, perks and cons, its obvious its advantages are far greater than its demerits. Bitcoin Revolution Software has been around for 5 long years. Its reputation stays stunning. Investing using Bitcoin Revolution right away could be a great decision for your financial future.