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What’s Bitcoin Billionaire?

It’s a free trading application which both amateurs and professionals can make lots of money on. All a person has to do is give the program some money and launch it. The mechanism starts making passive income for you.

The user-interface is also friendly and cozy with the beach and palm trees in the background. Moreover, the support team also actively works to answer every user’s questions. Stay tuned for the main hits and misses of the Bitcoin Billionaire trading platform.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Pros and cons


  1. The support team works 24/7 and is easy to get in touch with.
  2. The UI is simple enough for even newcomers in the trading field to understand.
  3. The minimum deposit amount is $240 which makes the site accessible.
  4. Fees are small and mostly come only on deposits and cashouts.
  5. Variety of payment methods to suit every new user.


  1. The program still makes mistakes and losing money is possible.
  2. The number of indicators isn’t enough for a good trading application.
  3. The site is only translated into two languages: English and German.

Bitcoin Billionaire software, how does it work?

The program works on advanced algorithms which were made by the creators of the app. They’re well-educated computer scientists and are also connected to the crypto world. Their software now allows thousands of people to make passive income.

The dedication and effort put into the system can be seen by its massive 95% trade success rate. Even if the Bitcoin Billionaire website does speculate once in a while, it learns from its mistakes and doesn’t repeat the same mistake ever again.

First steps, or how to join Bitcoin Billionaire

When you’re just beginning on the platform, you have to pass the Bitcoin Billionaire registration procedure. It’s easy, but needs some explanation on certain subjects. This is a detailed instruction on how to sign up on the auto trader site.

The form with information

First, you need to fill out a form which can be found on the main page of the website. You have to enter your full name, email and mobile phone number. Write only true info to pass all verification procedures in the long run.

The next thing you want to do is send the website some of your personal documents, like a passport or driver’s license. This is needed to complete your full identity verification and take off all restrictions on withdrawals and deposits.

The deposit, how much and how you can make it

The vital step to learn about is the deposit one. You should deposit at least $250 to activate your account and begin working with the platform. However, don’t worry as all transactions on the website are protected. Keep reading to learn about the security system of the app.

You can make the payment via MasterCard, Visa, Netpay or Paypal. Choose the option based on the fee amount and waiting times. Once the money arrives, your account is activated automatically and you can login to Bitcoin Billionaire.

Trading at Bitcoin Billionaire, small tips

When you can finally begin trading, don’t rush it. Make yourself comfortable, feel the site, how it works. Also, never use big leverage or leverage at all if you’re a beginner. This can cause unnecessary and huge losses.

Moreover, use only a small portion of your entire balance in a trading session. The best would be to stick with just 1%, but if an account is small, up to 10% is possible too. However, don’t go all-in and collect the profits without getting greedy. That’s the key for success.

Security on the Bitcoin Billionaire trading platform

The security level of the program is undoubtedly on a high level which makes Bitcoin Billionaire reputable. This section of the review is meant for you to look into the protection technologies of the platform and what they’re responsible for.

Verification system

The first one would be the verification system. It’s one of the most meaningful and the first security mechanism which gets activated. It looks at the sent data from the user at the registration.

After that, if the information smells fishy, the technology takes it as a robot and doesn’t let the account be created. If you’re a human, you can easily proceed to the next deposit step.

SSL encryption socket layer

One of the reasons why Bitcoin Billionaire is legitimate is its SSL security socket layer technology. It is an advanced piece of software which these days must be on every site which considers itself legit.

SSL encrypts all user’s data and sends it to the server of the platform, where it is safely kept under the protection of a firewall. This mechanism is used on even the largest crypto exchanges online and puts the Bitcoin Billionaire app on par with them.

Payout machine

The next system on the list is the payout machine. When your trading session ends, it counts every earned dollar and pays it out to you. However, if you lose money during a session, it takes those funds away.

As a small trick, you shouldn’t do trading sessions at night on the site. That’s because the Bitcoin Billionaire test and Bitcoin Billionaire experience both show it involves much more unneeded risks than trading at day time.

Negative Balance Security

Finally, the Negative Balance Security is also present on the platform. Leverage is a troublesome opportunity to take money from a broker for bigger profits since it leads to huge losses as well.

A lot of traders can even get into debt with it. However, the trading platform has the Negative Balance Security which tries to prevent that from happening. It makes the risks of those people who trade with leverage smaller.

Deposit and withdrawal on the Bitcoin Billionaire app

Now, you should be sure of the security of the platform and understand that Bitcoin Billionaire isn’t a scam. It’s time to learn the banking system of the site. Right now, you learn how to deposit, cash out and all about these procedures on the app.

Banking methods

To deposit, you can try out MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, or Netpay. All of the methods work well, but you should also choose wisely. Look at the fees of each one and the waiting times. Then, try out the best looking method.

If you want to cash out, you’re free to use MasterCard, Visa, or Bitcoin. This here is the choice between accessibility and transaction quality. The debit cards take longer time and have bigger fees, but allow quick access to funds, while Bitcoin does the opposite.

Cash transaction security

All cash transactions on the Bitcoin Billionaire app are under protection by the SSL socket layer. It encrypts all financial data being in the open during the transactions and makes them unaccessible to frauds.

The socket layer is used for the protection of data even on the most famous online resources, so you shouldn’t worry about your information too much.

Payout speed

Bitcoin Billionaire payout speed is very fast. According to the website checks and the words of real users, all money is withdrawn within just 24 hours from the request time. It shows that the platform is responsible and cares about its users and their money as well.


The Bitcoin Billionaire website does lack in the localization part. It’s translated only into two languages being English and German. Nevertheless, English is an international language, so most people would be able to understand what the platform is all about.

As for accepting new users, the site is available worldwide and you can register from almost any part of the globe. Even traders from the USA can register, even though there are usually problems between crypto exchanges and the USA policies.

Customer support on the Bitcoin Billionaire website

The last helpful aspect to discuss is the customer support of the platform. It’s crucial when a person encounters some problems during the use of the website.

Quality of the support team

Despite working all day long, the support team manages to keep up its quality on a high level. All of the given answers and solutions are thorough and full of useful information.

Work time and responsiveness of support

Support is available 24/7 and if you send a message there, the solution should arrive in about an hour. To get in touch with the help team, you can use the live chat or an email address of the website.

If you’ve been looking around, you could’ve already noticed how much cryptocurrency is progressing. You can now earn a lot of money on it and even just passive income. While the opportunity is still here, sign-up on the Bitcoin Billionaire app and try it out!